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Citizens Art Market is an attempt to bridge the gap between visual arts and many of those within our communities that do not engage with art and creativity.

Founded by visual artist, Edward Quigley, the aim of Citizens Art Market is to bring truly accessible art events to communities and in doing so, giving new and emerging artists the opportunity to show and sell their work, and giving the public a chance to engage with art (and artists) in a environment that is free of some of the perceived barriers that come with traditional art galleries.

"When I was growing up, my family didn't feel that art galleries were for us and as such, we never visited any. But I was dragged around plenty of markets and jumble sales - and I remember these environments being vibrant, noisy, lively and fun. The art markets I ran at Blue House Yard in 2020 showed me that artists and visual art can thrive in those types of environments." 

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Edward Quigley

Founder, and visual artist

Edward has been practicing as a self-taught, multi-disciplinary visual artist (and photographer) from his studio at Blue House Yard, in Wood Green, since August 2019. You can view Edward's latest work and activity on his Instagram page, here.


Developing his art practice relatively late in life, Edward previously had a career spanning 27 years, seeing him serving as a CEO and Trustee of various charitable and not for profit organisations.

Following a successful auction of his artworks in May 2019, raising over £3,000 for Willow (a charity that works with seriously ill young adults aged 16 to 40 to fulfil uplifting and unforgettable Special Days), Edward continued to create and took a lease on his first studio space in August of that year. Fast forward to October 2020, and Edward was made redundant from his job and decided to make a significant life-change, opting to leave his previous career in order to start a new journey in the arts sector, both as a practicing artist and more recently, as the founder of Citizens Art Market.